Image: Twitter/Matthew Dellavedova

Cleveland Cavaliers (113) def. New York Knicks (106)

The Cavs managed to secure their seventh win of the season against the Knicks today at home. Winning by seven points, the Cavs opened with a strong quarter leading by 16 at the break.

The solid lead kept them in control for the remainder of the game despite the Knicks outscoring the Cavs in the second (31-26) and third (32-21) quarter.

Matthew Dellavedova finished with 15 points, four rebounds and three assists in his first game back at Cleveland after being traded by the Bucks earlier this week .

Indiana Pacers (113) def. Milwaukee Bucks (97) 

The Pacers had a comfortable 16-point win over the Bucks today. Leading the game at every break, the Pacers stretched the margin to 21 points midway through the third quarter.

Thon Maker came off the bench for the Bucks, playing a total of 10 minutes and finishing with four points and five rebounds.

Dallas Mavericks (114) def. Atlanta Hawks (107) 

The Mavs just got by in today's game against the Hawks. Dallas who are currently sitting on 15 wins and 11 losses only beat the 6-21 Hawks by seven points at home. The game was tight, with numerous lead changes up until the fourth quarter when Dallas were able to stretch their lead to 15 points with three minutes left.

Despite the Hawks last efforts to take the lead, they just fell short in the end. Ryan Broekhoff did not play any minutes.

Utah Jazz (111) def. Miami Heat (84) 

The Jazz came out firing in their 27-point victory against the Heat today. Opening with a 40-15 point quarter, Utah had the game well under control. The Jazz were easily outscoring the heat shooting at 52 per cent from the field and 50 per cent from the 3-point line.

Utah's biggest lead of 42 points came midway through the fourth quarter, however the Heat were able to fight back to close the final margin.

Joe Ingles played 24 minutes and had 10 points, two rebounds and six assists while shooting at 33 per cent from the field. Teammate Dante Exum had 14 points one rebound and three assists in 22 minutes, shooting at 60 per cent from both the 3-point line and the field.

Brooklyn Nets (127) def. Philadelphia 76ers (124) 

The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Jimmy Butler-less 76ers in Philly by three points. Despite sitting 11th in the Eastern Cnference in compared to the third-placed Sizers, the Nets put out a strong performance to get their 11th win.

Ben Simmons performed well in the loss, dropping 22 points while shooting at 60 per cent from the field. He also finished with eight rebounds, seven assists and four steals.

Boston Celtics (130) def. Washington Wizards (125)

The Celtics and Wizards played an exciting game which saw Kyrie Irving nail back-to-back threes to seal the victory for the Celtics in overtime.

Aaron Baynes played 16 minutes for the Celts in their five-points win, ending with three points, five rebounds and two assists.